The Mayfair Awards 2017

A Map of Mayfair - Jonathan Addis

Since last year’s Mayfair Awards, much has changed in this iconic and world-renowned part of London.

Each month has brought with it new flagship stores, newly developed properties and plenty to see and do in the realms of art and culture to be enjoyed by those who visit and live here. It never fails to surprise me just how dynamic Mayfair can be. For a place so steeped in heritage and tradition, it is constantly moving forward, thanks to the hub of creative, innovative and forward-thinking people, driving forward change.

This year’s Mayfair Awards, now in its sixth year, continues to highlight and celebrate the creativity and talent of businesses and individuals. In conjunction with a judging panel made up of figureheads in the area and our headline sponsor Pastor Real Estate, we select a shortlist for readers to have their say and vote on who should win each category, from the best new business to the best exhibition at an art gallery.

We look forward to congratulating a talented host of new winners soon.

- Hannah Lemon, Editor, The Mayfair Magazine